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formula one betting guide

The Complete Formula 1 Betting Guide[2019]

A lot of betting options in the world of betting. Betting on F1 racing is seen as a niche and highly specialized market.

This has left some persons confused about the system of F1 betting. Currently, there are a number of F1 betting markets that can be accessed, and there are a lot of platforms available that offer cutting edge statistical analysis.

Other popular motorsports that you can consider are NASCAR and Grand Prix motorcycle racing. To know more about them, look at these relevant resources:

With our detailed F1 betting guide, you can improve your chances of winning your bet during the F1 season. feel free to use the table of content to skip through the chapters

Betting On F1 Racing: An Introduction

When we talk about Motorsport, there is a great chance that your mind may wonder to Formula One. This involves the best drivers in the world, competing in super fast cars and technologically advanced mobiles that are almost at the speed of commercial airplanes. Only the best cars are used in Formula One. The Formula One Championship started in 1950 and has been competed ever since then. It is overseen by FIA- the Federation Internationale de Automobile.

Most Trusted Betting Platforms for F1

F1 Betting Explained

If you have decided that Formula One is the one for you, there are a number of markets that you can get involved in. An important aspect is Outright betting. When we talk about Outright betting, we mean that bet that is being placed throughout the course of the entire season. It is the opposite of an individual event.

Usually, in many sports, Outright Betting is usually done before the season begins, but the same can’t be said of Formula One. Formula One is one that is highly dynamic and changes in pace, meaning that this can’t be possible. The Outright Betting in Formula One is done throughout the campaign.

F1 Betting Methods and Odds

Like many other sports, F1 has its own unique methods of bookmaking, the more you dive into the sports fundemantals the more you increase your chances of winning, lets take a closer look into the possible betting options in F1.

F1 Drivers Championship Odds

A race enthusiast can decide to place a bet on which driver he or she thinks will win the Drivers’ Championship for that year. This Championship is given to the race driver that has gotten the largest number of points for the race finishes in the season. If a punter makes a bet on the right driver, then the bet wins.

F1 Constructors’ Championship Odds

A bettor can decide to place a bet on the Constructors’ Championship for that year. This award is usually given to that team that completed the season with the highest number of points in total with their two drivers. If what the punter selected is right, and his or her team ends up being in the first position, then the bet is won.

Drivers / Constructors Champions of the last 10 years

it’s important to know some of the history of the sports, especially the to get familiar with the winning teams. in recent years we’ve encountered complete dominance of the Mercedes group led by Super driver and world champion Lewis Hamilton.

here’s a quick overview of the winners in the last 10 years

  • 2009 – Brawn-Mercedes / Jenson Button
  • 2010 – Red Bull Racing / Sebastian Vettel
  • 2011 – Red Bull Racing / Sebastian Vettel
  • 2012 – Red Bull Racing / Sebastian Vettel
  • 2013 – Red Bull Racing / Sebastian Vettel
  • 2014 – Mercedes / Lewis Hamilton
  • 2015 – Mercedes / Lewis Hamilton
  • 2016 – Mercedes / Nico Rosberg
  • 2017 – Mercedes / Lewis Hamilton
  • 2018 Mercedes / Lewis Hamilton

F1 Any Race Podium Finish Odds

A bet can also be placed on a driver to end up finishing the race first and finishing on the podium. If a punter picks the right driver, then he or she wins. The bet is won when the driver has chosen, finishes a race first or ends up crossing the line amongst the first three persons.

Driver vs. Driver Match Bet

For those that want to bet on inter-team rivalries, this option is also available. Here, the bettor has two alternatives, either Driver A or Driver B.

The result is usually determined by the driver that ends up finishing higher in that official Formula One standings when the season comes to an end. You can access this offer on every team in the grid.

F1 Race Winner Odds

When it comes to an F1 race, there are a number of betting markets available in a number of bookmakers. Common examples are the fastest lap, race winner, safety car, podium placing, and pole position.

In F1, the race winner is usually determined by the driver that ends the race first, while crossing the finished line before others.

Pole Position Odds

The pole position is usually determined on Saturday afternoon before the race day. The event spans for one hour, and every driver tries to set the best one-lap time to prevent being eliminated. The race driver that completes the Qualifying Session 3 quickly once the twelve minutes session has ended and every lap has ended is given a pole position. What this means is that they begin the race on the race day in the first position on the grid. In a lot of tracks, clinching this place gives the driver a high advantage.

Fastest Lap Odds

In this case, the bettor has to choose which driver he thinks will end the lap quickly in the race.

Top 3 Finish – Podium winners

Those finishers that are ranked as the top three are those that are given a trophy, a high points haul, and a champagne bottle. It is common to see them celebrating.

As a punter, it is easy to bet on a driver you feel that will attain that podium finish. Those drivers that aren’t as strong as their opponents are given greater odds than those who are seen as most likely to win

Will A Safety Car Appear? (Cheeky Method)

This is the last option that exists in a lot of betting markets. You can bet if a safety car will come up while the Grand Prix is ongoing. You can either choose the yes or no option.

F1 Betting Strategies

If you have decided that making money is something that you want to do on F1, there are different strategies that can be used.

Make Use of F1 Stats Before Placing Bets

Before you start placing bets on F1 races, it is advisable that you look at the statistics of the game. Those tiny details can affect how the race would end or how the driver would perform. This is why it is advisable that you read up about a race, and seek for the background information. Find out who the race favorites are, and read up about them.

If you want to improve your F1 stat analysis, you can consider using any of the following sites:

Driver Track Preferences

You need to find out more about the race circuits, and see if a particular driver is great on that track. This is something that should be found out before the race weekend begins. It is advisable that you read up the sport’s history, and what records currently exist.

Let’s use an example:

No driver that started below the eleventh position on the grid has ever finished first at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

you can find relevant information about track preferences for each driver and the strengths and weaknesses of each competing driver as well in the reouscres linked above.

Read Race Previews

Before you place a bet, read up on F1 betting tips and previews released by experts and journalists. They always give insider information and important F1 news that can help. It is important that you don’t ignore the insider information while placing your bet.

Take Note Of The Weather

unlike other sports, F1 weather is crucial to the drivers, a wet track can significantly change the results and makes the races much more surprising, Don’t ignore the weather. bad weather conditions, for example like serious rain, can cause results that are unexpected to occur – leverage bad weather in your bookmaking.

Top Bookies for F1 Betting

Before you use a bookmaker, it is advisable to consider the options and conditions that they offer bookmakers.

Before placing wagers on F1, Don’t forget to:

  • read their reviews.
  • Find out about their welcome bonuses
  • check reputation on reddit and relevant forums
  • check and compare betting odds if you’re preparing to a big race,
  • and most importantly – check their cash out and payment options.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power’s F1 betting offers bettors opportunity to place a bet without any of the Mercedes runaway pair. this a great options to spice things up a bit, as we mentioned before, the overall dominance of the Mercedes team in F1 in recent years

William Hill

The respectable betting company is much involved in F1 wagers, They offer their new online customers the following:

  • Minimum £10/€10 stake
  • Minimum odds 1/2
  • Free bets paid as 3 X £10/€10
  • Thirty-day expiry

Coral’s F1

  • Meant for only 18+ and UK+IRE players.
  • Payment is by Pay Pal
  • Minimum first £5 bet must happen within 14 days of an account registration at minimum odds 1/2, to receive = 4x £5 free bets.
  • Given free bets to last for seven days.

We hope we were able to educate you on how to approach F1 betting, no matter what, always be responsible while placing bets and playing real money and use legal and trusted platforms.

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