10 Best sports betting blogs to Follow [ October 2019′]

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When it comes to sports betting blogs, as well as tipsters, there are a lot of them that peddle false information. Many of these blogs are sponsored by Bookies, who want bettors to lose their bets. Since these type of blogs want to please their partners, they tend to mislead their readers, giving them false information to ensure that they lose a large percentage of their bets recurrently.

This is why we have decided to write up the top ten sports betting blogs that you should be following. The blogs we will discuss below are known to churn out information and articles that are highly informative. They say it as they see it, without any fear or favor. If you are tired of having to part with a lot of money regularly because of lost bets, you should consider following them.

The blogs listed below table a lot of issues like odds calculators, sports betting strategies, value betting, bankroll management, and lots more.

Some of these blogs go into more advanced details,telling you how you can have your variance manager when you have decided to start sports betting.


This blog is the only on this list that is run by bookies, but it is worth following. Why is this so? Though sponsored by bookies, this blog is filled with a lot of information and tips about sports betting. When we first looked at the blog, we were discouraged because we thought it would be like every other blog run by bookies- filled with poor information. We were surprised to see a lot of high-quality information. We are still wondering what bookies stand to gain from running the blog that tutors people with great information about sports and the betting. There may be an angle we are yet to see.

When it comes to the ranking of the best sports blogs, this list won’t be complete if we ignored Pinnacle Sports 

Take a look at the blog if you doubt us, and you will be surprised to see topics on everything concerning sports betting, from psychology, statistics even to great betting strategy from their expert guest writers in every field of sports betting. We are amazed why some bookies decided to sponsor such a blog. In the meantime, you can learn from them, and you won’t be sorry.

2. DAILY25

This blog allows you to follow the life of a prominent Australian sports bettor, Steve. Steve is one man that has continuously shattered bookies to the extent that sports betting has become his full-time job. He lives and breathes for sports betting.

When you follow his words, you will learn everything about sports betting, from the basic terms to the more advanced aspects.

Regularly, he shares his stats, results, and awesome educational posts to ensure that his readers are enlightened. He also features some of the best guest writers in the world of sports betting.

Tired of losing money to bookies, follow him.


Joseph Buchdahl is the entire package. Not only does he write articles focused on sports betting on his blog, but he also writes books on sports betting. The man is also the one that you should consider following if you want to have the entire package.

To show you how great a sports betting writer he is, he has guest written a lot of articles for Pinnacle for a long time.

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice in the world of sports betting and have never placed a bet before in your entire life, you can easily learn the ropes from his blog.

Apart from that, he has great resources for expert sports bettors on his website, http://football-data.co.uk/

On his website, you can easily see historical odds data set that reaches more than ten years ago for a lot of major European football competition such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and so on.

On the website, you can also see a downloadable p-value calculator that allows you to see if your results are merely luck or more of skills. Follow him on Twitter @12xpert .


The same way Christians go to the church to communicate with their Supreme Being is the same way smart bettors go to The Church of Betting to come in contact with educational information and tips about sports betting. The blogger is a Bulgarian and goes by the name, Nenko.

His blog is filled with reviews of the numerous batting tools and educational articles. When you read his articles, you will see topics like sports betting psychology, arbitrage betting, value betting, as well as esports betting.


Punter2Pro is run by a Brit, who spends most of his time writing reviews on betting tools on the Internet.

Apart from the comprehensive reviews, he pens down, he also has intriguing educational articles under his belt, covering topics like hipsters, value betting, as well as practical advice on how to win. He even talks about how you can get your money from cookies when they don’t want to pay you after a win. 


Like the one before, Caan Berry blog is run by a Brit, which goes by the name of the blog. He also has a YouTube Channel with a similar name. Caan is an expert sports trader, whose interest is mostly on sports trading on Betfair. If you follow his Youtube Channel, there is a great chance that you will learn a lot of things without stress.

Though he focuses on topics linked to Betfair trading, he also reveals educational content.

7. FiveThirtyEight (538)

This blog is written by an author and statistical, Nate Silver. At first, he began with creating a baseball model called PECOTA, which tried to forecast the advancement of baseball players.

He became popular when he was about to forecast the results 50/50 states during the 2012 US election. He also authored the book: The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail-but Some Don’t .

After the popularity hit him, his blog 538 has become followed by a lot of persons.

You can follow his Premier League Predictions, as well as other large European Competitions like Champions League, Europa League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue.


This blog is run by a Brit that goes by the name, Ryan. He talks about his journey of making money via sports betting. He is known to carry out reviews on numerous online sports betting tools.

You can view the  article on arbitrage betting and matched betting, as well as videos on tipsters:


This blog is run by Cassini, and he is a notable Betfair sports trader. When it comes to blogging about gambling, sports betting, stocks, statistics, financial markets, and lots more, this blog is the go-to blog.


Want to learn about the complete information about betting and advice on how to heighten your skills, you should consider following Trademate Sports.

It is great for both professional and casual sports bettors, as it offers both simple and advanced educational articles. They have ebooks that can guide and even signaling tolls that can help you make the right bets.