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display static tweets

Goals. Display Tweets within your application to add cross-marketing capabilities and additional content to your pages.

Show Tweets from one or more Twitter handles relevant to your topic. Each time a handle Tweets something, the Tweet appears on your page.


Use static rendering to load the Tweets at build time and then statically regenerate the page each time one of the Twitter handles Tweets so that when a user visits your page, it show all Tweets without you having to rebuild.


The Twitter API is a very sophisticated API that is great for adding utility to your application and also for learning about engineering.

After becoming comfortable, using other APIs for utility - like Google APIs for instance - becomes much easier.

Work with sequential HTTP requests, using Promise.all to simultaneously handle multiple Promises, and documentation that is really good but complicated at first.

Get repetition working with fullstack code flows and other important concepts from previous chapters.

Last updated Aug 23, 2022 at 15:40