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add payment

Goals. Integrate Stripe subscription payments into your application by creating the architecture, code, and flows for a simple yet complete full purchase cycle.

Add a Stripe checkout session to your appliction so that users can subscribe to products in your Stripe account. It is a smooth and seamless user experience.


Implement a Stripe manage subscription portal where users can manage their subscription.


Use Stripe webhooks to update the database based on user subscription status so that you can control access to content and keep your application up to date with Stripe customer status.

The setup makes it easy to test and add more Stripe payment features in the future.


Get experience with sophisticated and in-demand third-party software packages like Stripe. Work with redirect urls, npm packages, API keys, and get repetition with concepts from previous chapters.

Implement webhooks and write code flows that involve functionality outside of your project, and experience how working as a developer is so much more than just writing code.

Last updated Aug 24, 2022 at 13:54