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build blog pages

Goals. Build client-side pages and functionality for displaying all posts, categories, and individual posts.

Add features intended to give an SEO boost to the application, like several statically rendered tables of contents, and configure your application to easily embed videos in your posts.

In the process, write simple algorithms for retrieving file contents and parsing html and markdown data.


Make the table of contents look good in mobile with a hamburger menu that toggles it open and closed in small screen sizes.

hamburger-menu hamburger-menu

Work with React state and life cycle methods, objects and arrays, string concatentation, conditional statements, built-in JavaScript methods, and more.

Write static and dynamic routes, work with getStaticPaths and getStaticProps, and write function definitions using JavaScript. Continue practicing a good git workflow using branches to save your code without pushing to production until you are ready.


Begin gradually adding content through filenames, headings, and sentences. Work on features that are a complicated and fun mashup of NextJS, React, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

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