Options Engine Contract Calculator

Easily add the Options Engine Chrome Extension to your Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store.

Save time and energy analyzing options trades

The Options Engine extension automatically calculates additional relevant information to supplement the Yahoo Finance options chain tables.


Repetitive Calculations For Your Options Contract Analysis

Options Engine does repetitive calculations for you to help you analyze potential options trades.

Percent Change @ Exp

For each row in the options chain, Options Engine calculates the Percent Change @ Exp.

The Percent Change @ Exp is the change in stock price between the strike price and the current price as a percentage of the current price.

This is so you know how much and in which direction the current price needs to move during the contract period to equal the strike price.

The formula is the following.

Percent Change @ Exp = (strikePrice - stockPrice / stockPrice) * 100

Options Engine also highlights in green the rows that are interesting to options sellers based on that percentage calculation.

Seller Inc %

For each row in the options chain, Options Engine calculates the seller income percentage based on the average of the bid and ask prices as a percentage of the current stock price.

This is so you know the value of the contract price in relation to the current value of the underlying stock.

The formula is the following.

Seller Inc % = (avgBidAskPrice / stockPrice) * 100

We are adding more features, so please reach out with any ideas you have.

What It Looks Like

This is an example of the table with Options Engine.


This is an example of the table without Options Engine.


Options Contract Convenience Features

Options Engine also offers convenience features to save you time and hassle. These features reduce scrolling, refreshes, and clicking that you have to do.

The Options Engine Bar contains a button for toggling the Options Engine features in the options chain tables on or off. The bar also has quick links to the calls and puts tables in addition to our website where you can subscribe to our options newsletter.


We also put the current price in the browser's tab so that you can see it even while you have already scrolled past the price to look at the options chain tables.

Even with the price in the tab, you can still see which company you are viewing in the url.


With no price in the tab, you have to scroll or click to find the price while viewing the options chains and you get duplicate information between the tab and the url.

This is an example of the browser tab without Options Engine.


Look for other convenience features as we continue to build out the extension.

Free to Use Options Engine

The Options Engine extension is free to use. Simply download it from the Chrome Web Store and start using it.

How to Use Options Engine

Visit the Google Chome Web store to install Options Engine by adding it to Chrome.

After adding Options Engine to Chrome, visit a Yahoo Finance options page to use Options Engine.

Here is an example options page on Yahoo Finance.

Look for the Options Engine bar at the top of the page. Click the button in the Options Engine bar to put the extension to work.


Then look at the calls and puts options chains tables for the additional columns added by the Options Engine extension.


The Options Engine bar has links to those tables for your convenience.

Options Engine and ThaCash Do Not Provide Financial Advice

Options Engine and ThaCash do not provide financial advice.

You should do your own independent research and analysis and seek the advice of professional financial advisors before buying or selling any securities, including stocks and options.

While Options Engine and ThaCash strive to do their best to provide accurate, timely, and reliable information, Options Engine and ThaCash cannot guarantee that its information is accurate, timely, or otherwise reliable.

Therefore, you should not rely on Options Engine, ThaCash, or any of their related properties for making financial transactions.

Options Engine and ThaCash are not responsible for any of your investment outcomes or returns. Please do you own research, make your own decisions, and be a responsible investor.

Options Engine Extension Does Not Collect Or Store Your Data

The Options Engine Chrome Web Extension does not collect or store your data. ThaCash may collect data and use it accorinding to the Terms and Privacy.

Options Engine Is Independent

Options Engine and ThaCash are not affiliated with Yahoo or any financial institution. We are independent. Options Engine is a product made by and for ThaCash website.

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A covered option is a financial transaction in which the holder of securities sells (or "writes") a type of financial options contract known as a "call" or a "put" against stock that they own or are shorting
The seller of a covered option receives compensation, or "premium", for this transaction, which can limit losses; however, the act of selling a covered option also limits their profit potential to the upside
One covered option is sold for every hundred shares the seller wishes to cover.A covered option constructed with a call is called a "covered call", while one constructed with a put is a "covered put"
This strategy is generally considered conservative because the seller of a covered option reduces both their risk and their return.
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