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something built for you

We build custom web applications and software tools so that you can focus on making your core product. Instead of WordPress and Wix, promote your product with something built for you.
We get you started quickly with a basic website where you can promote and explain your product. We can help you setup your domain, logo, and related startup technical and design work.
As your business grows, we can add more custom styles and features so that your application grows with your business.

a home for your business

Our core product is a fullstack web application built using Next.js. It comes with a landing page, a multimedia blog with a table of contents, and custom features that you choose.
Stripe payments, YouTube videos, Twitter posts, Shopify and Amazon products, functionality from Google Calendar, Sheets and Docs, data from databases and APIs, and so much more.
Customize the colors, text, and images to match your brand. You can even design the layout to organize it how you want.


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